About London Enterprises

Our Approach

London Enterprises has been providing exceptional customer service across North America for more than 40 years. As a family-owned and operated company, it has built a solid reputation for providing superior quality service on iconic machines, including jukeboxes, pinball machines and slot machines. The right time, every time.

The London Enterprises Story

Experimenting with basic electronics in his parents’ garage as a teenager in 1976, Chris London found his niche.

He started off driving around his neighborhood in the Chicago suburbs picking up unwanted devices in his dad’s 1967 Cadillac just so he could figure out how to make them work again.

Given the opportunity to be a repair tech at a local electronics shop, Chris soon found out his boss was quite appreciative of jukeboxes and pinball machines.

Taking an interest in them too, as well as slot machines, Chris broke away from being an employee to starting London Enterprises.

He is now based in Seal Beach, California with offices in Illinois and Missouri, and has a variety of clientele across the nation.

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