Mobile Service Repair

By offering mobile support for future and current customers, we can diagnose problems before we seem them in person. Sometimes, there's no need to see them at all. We'll fix your device on the phone. Together.

Machine Transport

Dedicated to ensuring your iconic machine made for entertainment is perfectly intact, our team frequently travels throughout the Midwest and Pacific Coast for machine transport and in-house calls.

Antique Restoration

We specialize in restoration and repair of all jukeboxes, but some of our favorite models to work on fall into the collectible variety. Have an antique? We'd love to restore it for you to pass down generation to generation.

London Enterprises Jukebox Repair

Personalized service.

London Enterprises believes strongly in relationships that keep customers for the long run. We take the initiative to give you exactly what you need, be it service for one Wurlitzer or an entire collection of classic, iconic machines.

Electromechanics you can trust.

London Enterprises is dedicated to providing the service that keeps your iconic machines continually working; giving that feeling of nostalgia and entertainment. Whatever service you might need, our longtime employees are proud to provide it.

London Enterprises Services

Don't Hesitate To Call

Whether you’re in need of a machine repair before a big party, or you want to upgrade your collection, we’re happy to get you in touch with an experienced professional.

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